Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Saving $ by using independent consultants & contractors....

Everyone Will Have to Become an Entrepreneur [infographic] - Career News | PayScale

At the rate that jobs are being outsourced, and with more and more companies choosing to bring in contractors instead of employees, a perfect storm is being created. That storm could result in a whole new world of entrepreneurs who could replace employees, as this Funders and Founders indicates.
Independent contractors cost a company 30 percent less than a regular employee because they don't have to provide benefits, supervision or long-term pay. Companies are also outsourcing. Whereas a U.S. employee, such as a software developer, costs as much as $94,259 per year, a professional from countries like China and India can cost as little as $11,339.
Corporate changes such as these are causing employees to lose faith that their jobs will last. It also leaves them feeling de-valued and easily replaceable. Eventually, employees will seek out different methods of earning a living. The benefits of becoming an entrepreneur include the creation of value, taking risks, making life better and being ambitious.
Check out the infographic below for more revelations on why everyone will have to become an entrepreneur.

(Photo credit: Funders and Founders)

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